7 options of healthy and easy meal. Why not?

Hi there!

It’s Nhi! It took me quite a while wondering what could be a good topic to start off our very first blog. Without doubt, (I hope so) food seems to be the best choice, the fastest way to build up our relationship but… it is not enough, isn’t it? How about adding more elements, touching down the aspects that I suppose many of us really do care about? How about some sharings on my personal healthy eating plan? With the high demand of a low-expense yet high-quality life, I’ve been trying to seek and exploit on how to live comfortably and healthily on a tight budget 💸

Disclaimer: This is all based on my personal preferences which may differ from many people in terms of budget, taste and portion. Please refer this post to a friendly suggestion to your spontaneously don’t-know-what-to-eat days. Enjoy!

Here we go!

🔹Cucumber & lemon detox
🔹Banana and cinnamon toast
🔹Grilled chicken breast with honey sauce



🔸Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
🔸Quick salad with boiled egg + steamed potato with butter paste
🔸Tomato soup + boiled chicken breast with lemon basil sauce 〰and a cup of greek yogurt with chia seed would be a nice treat after the dinner 🤓



🔹Lemon zest, 🍋, 1/4 apple, parsley detox
🔹Avocado and egg toast (with condensed milk coffee, my favourite ^^)
🔹Vegetable soup (mix all the leftover vegetables in the fridge).
🔹Steamed 🐟 dipped in lemon basil sauce
The combination of apple and peanut butter would be a nice treat for afternoon snack. 


🔸 Banana smoothies for a great start  😈
🔸 Roasted chicken breast and potato (in honey sauce)
🔸 Boiled vegetables + plain roasted chicken (I used the leftover from previous day’s lunch though 😂) Add richer taste with Soy sauce for Asian feel/mayonnaise for Western feel lol



🔹Ginger, lime and parsley detox
🔹Banana oatmeal with honeyy
🔹Steamed beef with color pepper bell bell (socuteT.T)
🔹Pumpkin carrot soup with toast



🔸Toast with banana + chia seed + homemade peanut butter 👍🏼
🔸Chicken and pumpkin macaroni with avocado sauce
🔸Steamed egg (chawanmushi) + chive and tofu soup 



🔹Lettuce, lemon, ginger detox
🔹Flourless pancake with honey and cinnamon
🔹Salad + boiled chicken with ginger basil sauce (brilliant sauce kekeke)
🔹 Grilled fish and potato 


Hope this could help you lessen the time for choosing what to eat! Do stay along with us for more post!


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