Random thought #1

Winter is yet lingering on in Tokyo. Even though my Spring break is going to end soon. Everything acts like it is still in the middle of winter. This morning I woke up, it was all so sunny that guilt started to creep up on me as I thought of staying inside today. But just as soon as I left my laziness in the house and stepped outside, the sky turned cloudy, the wind messed up my hair in a care-free manner, and then I knew. Winter was smirking at me.

Hang in there, Winter! (Near Mountain Mitake)

My friend who just came back from Okinawa just knocked on my door a while ago and gave me cookies as a souvenir gift. ‘Winter salt Okinawan biscuits’ it says. See?


Pardon me for being gloomy. And don’t get me wrong. Spring is here. It has been here for a couple of weeks, flaunting its beauty with the marvelous ume bloom on my campus or sneakily hiding itself behind those tiny buds, which go mostly unnoticed until they blossom.

Do you ever notice that the changing of season is the most extreme period? Like when we thought the heat of summer has gone down for a while and welcome autumn in, but then summer decides to pull our legs and suddenly gives us a melting day? I guess it is that time when winter and spring are negotiating. So be prepared for some sunny shiny days you just want to laze around and some days you keep swearing at the mid-winter-like cold and the breeze.

But how I love season change.

Today I went to a park near Ochanomizu station and found a field of Purple Flowers. Pity I decided not to take a photo of it, as I doubted I could capture its truly beauty in just a picture. To me it’s more special than Cherry Blossom. Just like how buds are more special than the flowers themselves. The waiting. The hoping. Mingle with the worry of ending. And here goes he cliché: living the now. Sorry buddy, allow me to feed my troublesome emotions for now.

Minty spring
Winter tangle
a leafy star
coriander is not doing well because spring has not paid attention to it 😦
blurry by mistake but still interesting :p
frosty (somewhere around Mountain Otake)

No matter how I complain, I will miss Winter. Just like a grumpy old friend who I hold dear very much (Wait, actually I am the grumpy one haha). Don’t pull my legs too much these next few days ok? I am torn when I wear clothes too warm or too cold 😦

I will miss you, Winter.

Now get your ass goin’.

Potato Number 2



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