Inamuragasaki Beach

It’s finally summer in Japan. And Tokyo could not be hotter!

Last year I spent the first half of summer in a highland area in Nagano. It was hot, but quite cool in the early morning and at night. This year, I decided to “experience” the heat in Tokyo before coming back home. And here I am in an air-conditioned room, writing blog and hiding from the super heat outside. No kiddin’ with Japan’s summer, right?

Around a week ago, when it was already hot, but I still managed to drag myself out of the house, I went to Inamuragasaki beach in Kanagawa. Kanagawa is a coastal prefecture near Tokyo. One of its most famous spots is Enoshima island. I went to Enoshima in March,  and highly recommend it! This time, I decided to visit another beach, which is not so crowded, less well-known, so that I can freely act like a fool playing with water and sand. By myself. And without being seen by too many people. Lol.

Inamuragasaki is not as well-known as Enoshima, the super-close-by neighborhood area. (You can actually see Enoshima from Inamuragasaki!) However, it is still a popular spot because the spectacular view during sunset. Unfortunately, I was not so lucky as it was cloudy that day. I guess the view would be gorgeous if you go there in sunny day when sun rays are more visible. Or maybe I didn’t really see the sunset because I was impatient to go back. Maybe if I had stayed a bit longer, I would have catch a glimpse of the famous view?

Be that as it may, I was not so disappointed. Inamuragasaki is interesting enough to satisfy my longing for beach. (My hometown was also a coastal city and I miss it so much 😦 ) There are also people fishing, running, surfing, even playing ukulele and harmonica (or trumpet I don’t remember)… There were not so many people, so I was comfortable enough to play run-and-catch with the water waves. (BTW, I almost fell flat during the game lol). So except for the fact that the sandals hurt my feet so damn much, everything was pleasant 🙂

View from inland
Lots of seaweed and almost no trash – so unlike my hometown haha
Early sunset (?)
clear water! 🙂


You see that?! You see that butt??! Somehow dogs in Japan really like to flaunt their booties 😉


Hot-spot for young people. And pigeons.
No swimmer though.



There’s a hippie-style restaurant. You can sit outside with chairs and tables. They offer take-out too!

That’s it for Inamuragasaki! Have fun with summer everybody! Wonder if I am going anywhere for the rest of this summer though lol. Cheers.

Tokyo July 8, 2017.





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